1 2 3 Into The 4 Snoop Dogg Lyrics

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1 2 3 Into The 4 Snoop Dogg Lyrics. La Di Da Di we likes to party. Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr.

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Thirty-minutes later this nias sh-t is done That individual was none other than Jay-Z who according to Snoop Dogg wrote the entire Still DRE.

Snoop Dogg is the name Dogg Pounds the game If it aint one thing its a motherfuckin nother Word to my granny and my daddy and my mother Whether standin on the corner or bouncin in the six-deuce When I was locked up I couldnt wait to get loose Cuz back in the days on the side where its at A nigga had to have a fat stack. Snoop Dogg Smoke till your eyes get cataracts Snoop Dogg Youve got a girl lay her on her back Snoop Dogg Millionaire makin that paper stack Snoop Dogg Snoop You play me and Ill play you You pay me and Ill pay you Hold on boo you got the game all wrong This aint your thang this my song Move on we in the club at the Shark Bar. Fa shizzle dizzle its the big neptizzle With the Snoopy DO double jizzle Snoop Dogg See-walk to this Snoop Dogg He he yeah see-walk. Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr.