In Iraq the spectre of a civil war

In Iraq rekindles the clash between Shiites and Sunnis and reappears the spectre of a civil war. The militias jihadiste sunni have grabbed Mosul and Tikrit and are advancing toward the capital Baghdad. Meanwhile, the oil rises to the maximum from one year to the escalation of violence in the country. The quote of crude oil rose above $106 per barrel, and penalising aviation sector in the Stock Market.

To defend Kirkuk oil hub of the country, from the attacks of jihadists who have occupied large part of the surrounding territory, are the Kurdish forces that have taken control of the Iraqi city. The Iraqi Kurds, persecuted and murdered by Saddam Hussein,  want to incorporate the province of Kirkuk within their autonomous region, a request to which strongly opposes the government in Baghdad.

The province of Kirkuk is for century in the center of a dispute between Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen. It is located just outside of the autonomous region of Kurdistan in the north, owns 20% of oil reserves of the country. Kirkuk is a multiethnic city with more than a million inhabitants, arab Shiites and Sunnis, Kurds, Turkmen, Assyrians chaldeans and Christians.

During the regime of Saddam Hussein, the Kurdish population of Kirkuk was deported and replaced with settlers of the south. For decades, Saddam tried to erase any trace of the Kurdish culture: forbid the language and offered the arabs incentives to relocate to north and occupy the city. After the fall of the regime, thousands of Kurds returned to Kirkuk. Since then, the objective and incorporate the city in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The rebels jihadists of the ISIL have appealed to their supporters to join the battle and arm toward Baghdad. It reveals the Site, the agency monitoring american on Islamic websites. In an audio message released yesterday and translated by Site, the spokesperson of the ISIL , Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, urges the insurgents to marching on Baghdad and criticizes the Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Al Maliki for his ‘incompetence’. “Continue to advance, the battle in the short will arrive in Baghdad and Karbala. Wear your seat belts and be ready”, says the message.

And then still, facing the premier Al Maliki: < You have lost an historic opportunity for your people to check the and the Shiites will curse you for ever, until your death>, adds the message.

The Iraqi Parliament should meet today to declare a state of emergency at the request of the government of premier shiite al-Al Maliki, who is engaged in supplying weapons to all those who offer volunteers to fight against the militias jihadiste.

The appeal has stowed away for now the leading Shiite radical Muqtada al Sadr, That asked create brigades of militia to defend the holy places of the Shiite community: <i cannot remain on the sidelines as we face the danger that run the holy places, and I am ready to work in coordination with the government to create the brigades of peace> that defend the religious sites. The violence in Iraq – for the most part of the matrix interfaith – have experienced a resurgence in the course of 2013, reaching an intensity comparable to 2008. Year in which you risk a civil war between Shiite and Sunni Muslims; the situation has not improved in 2014: since the beginning of the year, the victims are more than 4 thousand and the jihadist offensive is to be feared the outbreak of a real conflict between the communities.

The government in Washington is considering whether to use the drones to attack the militia qaedisti of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) is to support the Iraqi troops are by crumbling in the face of the jihadist offensive. And the Iraqi government would allow the air raids against us the locations of the terrorists. The Iraqi administration had already requested in confidence to the USA to consider sending drones against qaedisti that, in an offensive flash, have acquired over the last two days the whole band north of the country. This request was rejected in the past, but Washington is now considering the possibility of more assistance milestone in Baghdad. Al Maliki would have asked for secretly to the administration of Washington to study a plan to strike at the foundations of Islamic militants.

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