Acid Farming Fallout 76

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Acid Farming Fallout 76. August 13 2020 By falloutfan. Cave Crickets Some of the best locations to look for those include Tanagra Town where it is in the Mire on the far eastern side of your map.

Fallout 76 Acid Farm Location Home Collection
Fallout 76 Acid Farm Location Home Collection from

Theres a few other locations to hit up as well. In 3 and New Vegas we were limited by the ammo type but it was always a guaranteed crit and it was always powerful. Fallout 76 Resource Map for Lead Acid Oil and more.

Go to Tanagra Town climb the creepy vine tower thing theres a crickets nest with like a million of the damn things in there each drop about 5-8 acid.

Besides finding Acid straight up in certain places the key items you can deconstruct to find Acid are. If youre planning on selling the acid for caps remember that waste acid cannot be sold to vendors until it is bulked. Acid is a crafting component in Fallout 76. Do you need to farm mass amounts of acid or are you just looking to grab some sow when you need it.