Ocean Forest Vs Happy Frog

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Ocean Forest Vs Happy Frog. It has stretched abit more and definitly. So to start off the nutrients arent as strong in Happy Frog as they are in Ocean Forest.

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If I were you Id go Happy Frog. This is the second update in the potting soil experiment. Happy frog is fine and is less expensive just dont start seeds in it because its way too hot get yourself some light warrior and transplant into happy frog once it outgrows the 1 gallon.

We are getting varied results from the different species of plants.

Also noticed that the new bags of ffof were alot lighter in color-almost light brown compared to the old bag that was a rich black color. Ocean Forest or Happy Frog Why. I have read that the OF is better for veg and Strawberry Fields is better for flower. Ocean forest is perfect for seedlings and veg stage when mixed 5050 with Happy frog.