One Piece Flow Definition

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One Piece Flow Definition. In one-piece flow a product is completed before the next one is started. Producing and moving one item at a time or a small and consistent batch of items through a series of processing steps as continuously as possible with each step making just what is requested by the next step.

Continuous Flow
Continuous Flow from

In simple terms it means one-by-one processing of a product. In simple language it means that the parts are moved through operations from station to station with no. Single Piece Flow Continuous Flow Standardized Work.

Make One Move One.

The strict definition is that one piece flow is that each person or process only works on one piece at a time before it is pulled downstream one piece at a time to the next process. One Piece Flow method sometimes called continuous flow is a production method used instead of traditional mass production. Single Piece Flow Continuous Flow Standardized Work. In opposite conditions we might process an entire batch or lot at each station before moving it to the next station.