Oni Hatch Ranch Design

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Oni Hatch Ranch Design. Im curious how I can improve it. One hatch provides about 700 calcycle so Ill let you calculate how many you need.

Oxygen Not Included Hatch Farm Home Collection
Oxygen Not Included Hatch Farm Home Collection from histobis.blogspot.com

Its 8 hatches per ranch so what I do is I have an auto sweeper remove the eggs. A collection of useful structures for in-game colonies currently up-to-date for ONIs official release. Alternatively you can use the arrow keys to move the camera by one tile in the direction of the arrow.

Set aside a long platform for them to range on.

Ive been trying different farm layouts this is the best so far. I have found that its 12 tile per animal so max of 8 in a 96 tile room for it to consider not to be overcrowded. Input the number of dupes with bottomless stomach trait. The original design kept track of the population of a 96 tile ranch and sustained it.